My sister finally is rid of that fat bitch she was with! Now she is a hottie rawr! We did her hair tonight if anyone wants to see pics lemme know! I also got to talk to her boy toy tonight on the phone, he is sexxxyyyy hehehe, he said he is going to try and visit at the end of this month so he and my sister can hang out a bit…cool cool.

Matt is going to be here next week yay! He gets to play with my hair! Among other things lol….

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posted on March 11th 2004 at 6:03AM CDT

Sure send along the pics, it would be interesting to see how much the twins look alike! 

Glad she’s got a boy toy and a sexy one at that. Perhaps now she’ll be in a right better mood.

Yeah, the family’s back together again.  Let’s hope Matt’s learned his lessons and is worthy of you and Daniel this time around.

posted on March 11th 2004 at 11:30AM CDT

I want to seeeeeeeeeeee

Angel Whispers
posted on March 11th 2004 at 6:57PM CDT

welcome back, Sarah… we missed you!  I’d like to see the pics of both of you.  :o)

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