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I didn’t get home until past midnight. I woke up an hour late this morning. I am so exhausted. Last night was so awesome though! We all (including Mary) went out and had coffee and we all talked and talked and everyone has learned the awesome power of the bunny ear quotations and the punch the chest thing I do. Good times. I feel more like I have a life since each Thursday afterwards, we go get coffee like normal people!

So today I am dragging mentally, but thankfully no one is here yet so I am slumped over all dramatically.

I can’t even think of anything else right now, I am so out of it.

Oh and I WON!!

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posted on April 26th 2006 at 12:46PM CDT

Of course you did. -chuckles*
I owe you a banner of some sorts but I’ll be damned if I can think anything to make so it might take a bit. ;)