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posted on June 22nd 2004 at 8:08AM CDT

Bah, I’ll take one, though I don’t see what all the hype is about.

posted on June 22nd 2004 at 9:27AM CDT

Okay, what’s the big hullabaloo over this Gmail stuff?  Seems way over rated to me haha.. does it answer your mail for you or weed out spam automatically.  Does it use a gold pen and silver ink? What the eff is this all about? (nope I don’t want an invite thanks anyway but I’ve already got too dang many email addresses, I’m just curious)

Angel Whispers
posted on June 22nd 2004 at 11:34AM CDT

Yes, please do tell what this gmail stuff is all about and what the big deal is.  Enquiring minds want to know. haha

posted on June 23rd 2004 at 10:41AM CDT

I don’t know what I can offer you in exchange for an invite really. The best I could do is offer you a link on my blog and a review through Stumble in which I review your blog/site.

posted on June 23rd 2004 at 10:52AM CDT

I’ll send you $5 via PayPal :)

posted on June 23rd 2004 at 10:53AM CDT

oh, and a link to your blog from HerBlog.com :) and… and… I’m sure I could come up with something else lol

posted on June 24th 2004 at 7:28PM CDT

Gmail invites are kind of stupid actually.