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Not only did I have dreams featuring such lovely characters like cockroaches and spiders, but I woke up with only 20 min to get dressed, get food, get everything done to get to work.

So I’m rushing, I throw Daniel into the car, I run BACK to grab my keys and in doing so somehow opened the door so it damaged my father’s toe. So he got all dramatic about how it hurt… ok. So I go back grab Daniel, run back inside, find my keys, and my father says he can’t drive with his foot like that.

I then call my sister who was luckily already awake and asked if I could borrow her car for the day and explained the situation. She said yes. JOY! So I am trying to unclutch Daniel who was umm clutchy to me and all sad and crying and I STILL feel SO bad but I was going to be late! So I told him I would be home as soon as possible and that we would go out somewhere later (like a park I guess) and then ran over to my sister’s apartment, grabbed the key and stuff and then came to work.

Good times!

Yesterday it was very rainy, it was also my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday. So I got him the Team America DVD, and we all went to Outback for dinner. Very nummy. Then back to their apartment for cake (I don’t eat cake but Daniel sure loved it!) and glorious fire! I mean… candles… lots of candles ehhe.

So here I am, still worn out completely from bad sleep and running around crazy like this morning.