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July 19th 2006 / 1 minute to read

I have 5 Vox standard invitations.

Thank you so much Nikki for the Flickr testimonial and thank you Sara for the bookmark on Photoblogs! Also, as a reminder, I do try and update Imagine daily.

Dinner tonight is risotto with yellow squash, zucchini, basil, and parmesan.

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Umm, I love risotto! And I’d also like a Vox invitation hehe. :P Thanks!

Reply to Chali

If you still have any, I’d take a Vox invite.  I’m curious about it.. enough to start one up, anyway.  ;)

Ugh.. you need to come cook me dinner.

Reply to Ally

I’ve never heard of vox before. It sounds interesting.

Your dinner looks yummy. I wish I could make good looking food like that.

Reply to Sai

Mm, that dish looks good ;) I wish I could try a little. I don’t think licking the screen of my monitor will work very well. I hope you enjoyed it.

Reply to Phillip

Ooo that sounds lovely I’m very hungry right now. But what is that zucchini? xxx (xposure)

Reply to Tuesday

Looks Sweat :P
I wish Vox Account !
Can sarah Trading me?
Thanx Ammigo:)

Reply to Mach

Hey i’d love a starter invite if you have any left! Thanks so much!

Reply to Joymarie

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