April 29th 2003 / 1 minute to read

*knock knock*
Hi yeah, Depression? As faithful as you are, I would really like it if you could go away now! What? You like invading me? Oh well… urm… k

Now we know asking doesn’t make it go away. I must think of other ways to persuade Depression to leave!

I need a new layout, anyone willing to buy this one off of me?

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Hey..I was surfing around and found a site I thought you might enjoy. The girl is pagan, and there were other things she did that reminded me of you. It’s at http://www.trueprincess.com
I just automatically thought about you when I read the way she was raising her son.
I have no clue how to get rid of depression. If I did I wouldn’t have been on Paxil for 4 years :

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I hate depression, unfortunately sometimes it has a mind of it’s own.  Hope you overcome soon!  Blessings sent your way.

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Hey I know who owns Trueprincess.com! That is Jenn:O) She is a sweetheart and Pagan as well.

As for depression I wish I had the answer to that one:O( I have also been on a few anti-depressants in the past and they have helped…..Take care Sarah {{{hugs}}}

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