New design, hope it is liked. If anyone wants to buy the old one, then by all means let me know.

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posted on May 1st 2003 at 9:19AM CDT

Sarah it looks even more gorgeous in use than it did in the picture. I really, really like this one. They’re just something about all the plum coloring that does it. Very very nice :)

posted on May 1st 2003 at 9:09AM CDT

Ooooooo Sarah! Loveee the new look here!! You are just a re-designing mood heh? Wish I was!! Anyway an email is on its way:O) {{{hugs}}}

posted on May 1st 2003 at 11:18AM CDT

I like it, Sarah!  It’s so… earthy and hectic. :-)

Angel Whispers
posted on May 1st 2003 at 1:24PM CDT

Very nice, Sarah!  Love the colors!!
Have you received my card yet?  Just want to make sure it got to you. :o)

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