He’s just so nice!

June 23rd 2005 / 1 minute to read

I’m watching Oprah, the Tom Cruise episode is re-airing. Tom is SO nice! I don’t think he’s psycho or anything just… NICE.

*ugh painful cramps damned my womb!*

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Speaking of shows, I saw Ellen this morning, it was a rerun.  Lindsay Lohan was on and I’m sorry but that girl can not sing live very well.

Reply to Amy

I saw that the other day too.  He’s nice – but he’s so annoying. He’s almost too nice. And I’m so sick of him and Katie gushing about how in love with eachother they are. Shut up already – we heard you the first 100 times.

Reply to Dorka

I agree with Gina, I think he’s stark raving mad, myself, and increasingly arrogant.

Reply to Kristin

My opinion on Tom, he didn’t start freaking out/acting weird until a build up of all the media attacks about him and Katie.

Which I don’t know why people don’t just let them live their lives.  Real relationship or fake relationship.  It’s still THEIR relationship.  And the age difference.  She’s not a baby, she’s headed towards 30 years old.  If she wants to be with a guy in his 40’s, then so be it.

And I intend to see WotW this weekend ;)

Reply to maggieroofus

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