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posted on June 22nd 2005 at 4:08PM CDT

I would love to see some knitting tutorials.  But I know this was probably meant for more site-related tutorials.  Hmm.

PHP and basic tutorials are everywhere.  Maybe instead of how to create things (like tables, frames, div layers, etc)…maybe make a tutorial on how to make them look attractive?  Eh..that’s not really what I’m trying to say.

Ok, what I’m thinking is how to use tables to decorate blogs.  There we go.  That’s one thing.  Heheh..I hope you kind of understand where I’m leading to because that’s as far as I can go into explaining what my mind is thinking of.

posted on June 22nd 2005 at 4:36PM CDT

I’m with raven, I’ve been trying to knit for like 10 years. Okay, like 10 minutes, but whatever. I hate it when sites overwhelm me with things to do.

I feel like when people do that, they are trying to compensate for lack of writing ability which we know you are not short on.

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