How Do I Breathe

September 12th 2007 / 1 minute to read

Lately, I feel like I am unable to express myself properly, that all of my emotions and thoughts are somehow stuck. I have no inspiration lately. Part of it is just feeling pulled into a million directions. I am still trying to get used to my son being in school (kindergarten), which has made me ultra aware of my single parent status. I am trying to do the best possible job at work (got MVP and a great 90 day review). I just feel like I can’t creatively express myself and I’m not sure why. It’s very frustrating. I haven’t spoken to my online buddies in a very long time so I feel disconnected there.

How does one balance single motherhood, full time job, friendships, and creative/fun time?

I guess… I just need a hug.

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Reply to nikki

Life is hard, so here’s a hug. :)

Reply to Erin

Sorry that you are feeling so down, I can only imagine how hard it is to be a single parent and dealing with the things that you are; my mom is a single parent but forunately for her I suppose my brother and I were older when my parents divorced. Either way, just keep your head up…you’ll be fine so long as you surround yourself with good people who support you :)

Lovely photograph too. Did you set the lighting up yourself? And I’m always curious how one gets a black background like such, do you put the object in front of a black background or do you edit that yourself?

Reply to Ashley

i’d hug you ‘til your eyes popped like a cartoon character’s.

Reply to john

I’ll hug you, come here! I could use one too, so it would be a win/win. :D


Aww honeybunch… :( I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I wish I was living closer so I could come and help you out a little bit, be it watching Daniel of an evening so you could have a night to yourself, or by just hanging out with you and being kooky :(

Things will get easier. :) And I’m so happy for you and your sucesses with your job :)

If you need to talk at any time, you know where to contact me. :) :)

Reply to Sarah

:: hug ::

Hope you feel better. :)

Reply to Chelsea


Chin up! Things will get better!

I’m going through a creative relapse myself. I’m trying to get motivated again.

Reply to Kiera

I come here often but have never commented for some reason but I felt like commenting this time to say I’m sorry you’re feeling down. I am feeling the same way lately. *hugs*

Reply to Sarah

Long time no see, hope all is well – I miss you!

Reply to C

I’d give you a hug, but I don’t know where you live. Virtual hug! (Wow, that sounds dirty.)

PS- That picture is really beautiful.

Reply to Arielle

Hey, I miss you and your blog writing. Blog or something, would you? Hope all is well!


*poke* how is life going for you?

Reply to Jenn

No news from you lately, hope you’re having fun ;) hugs!

Reply to brocc

I haven’t heard from you for a while. I hope you’re okay.

Reply to Sarah

hey girlie where’d ya go? i miss ur pretty pictures! hope everything is ok with you and your lil boy.

Reply to angela

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