It’s All I Can Do

December 22nd 2004 / 2 minutes to read

No Sir, I am not able to magically repair your sewer. Why no screaming and putting me down won’t make it happen any faster either… what? You say you will call back every 15 minutes? You will still reach me! I will tell you exactly what I’ve been saying for the past 20 minutes, hopefully next time you won’t scream so loud I have to hold the phone away from my ear. Maybe I will get a full sentence in!

All I can do is let the sewer guy working on your job know of your six issues. Screaming at me will not make me run to my radio to contact my bosses who by the way will tell me “Why are you calling me? That’s so-and-so’s job! Tell them!”

So a big FUCK YOU because I do not deserved to be screamed at and put down. Telling me that I can not possibly understand and that you are the father of a four year old does not make me jump to help you. I actually DID go through the same problem and guess what? I have a child who is just about three years old! Does that honestly make any difference? At least I can claim childbirth pains!

Anyway, I am now quite upset and am trying my best to not scream at the top of my lungs. I am most likely going to become passive agressive and not help you to the fullest extent of my abilities because you made me feel awful and for what? All you could have done is say, “I am fustrated, here are the 6 reasons why I am fustrated” in a clear and concise manner and I would have been on the radio and phone getting this taken care of within 10 minutes. Cussing and screaming for 20 minutes made me change my mind on that.

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Oh poor Sarah! I hate how you have to put up with stuf like that when you are in a job that requires you to talk with the cutomers cause some people can really be dicks.

OMG I am out of yarn! *cries like a baby* I do get to go get more tomorrow before we head to Arkansas for Christmas but I have NOTHING to do until 3pm tomorrow now *cries some more* Anywho I have like 3 rows in your umm I think it is 32? row shawl finished and I only had to rip it out once! Yay! lol

Sorry for such a long comment :P


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