I now think it is eczema! The symptoms pretty much match what I have… pleaseeeee make it go away people! My hands :sob: my glorious hands!

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posted on June 18th 2004 at 10:56PM CST

I’m sorry that you have eczema. I hope you get better soon.

posted on June 23rd 2004 at 11:48AM CST

MMA Starry!

I feel ya, sister!  I’ve got a bad case of poison ivy right now.  What’s been working for me is a homemade solution in addition to the OTC stuff (calamine, steroids, etc.).  I made an infusion of dandelion, curly dock & plantain leaves with some rubbing alcohol a couple of weeks ago.

Here are some pictures to identify them (which is essential when wildcrafting herbs!):

curly dock


Hope that this helps!


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