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August 26th 2009 / 1 minute to read

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I’ve tweaked the design a bit, 3 column now. I’ve added a section where you can submit a link, could be to your new blog entry, an interesting resource you found, etc.

Also per this entry, I’ve started a new message board called Nocturnal. Would be awesome if you stopped by!

I’ve updated the links page as well with some fabulous reads.

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The only thing I’d say of not is that your submit a links are showing up in your RSS feed and while I enjoy discovering new stuff to read, there have been a lot of them.

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They ARE showing up?? Crap I thought I took care of that last night.

Weird I added my feed to google reader and I don’t see the links at all.


Hey sweetness – I’m seeing them on lj, maybe that’s your feedburner feed? Because it gets a bit of everything? And typically, I don’t even read via rss – but I didn’t think that’s how you had intended for it to be. And, I already said this (I think?) I love this layout.

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OHH so only on LJ, ok that could be due to the LJ plugin which does NOT pull from RSS. That I can fix lol. Aww thank you! I was freaking out because I tested the RSS feed for like an hour lol.


I like the 3-column idea. It looks nice! I’ve bookmarked your forum and will check it out sometime tomorrow. Lisa’s theme looks beautiful!

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Thank you so much! I totally agree, I am loving her new design!


I’m really happy you’re updating your site with more content. It looks great. :)

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Am loving the 3 columns, I am so gonna have to give that ago!

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@Sarah, thank you so much!!

@Damita, my theory is, 3 columns is good to display content that you really want noticed.


Oh cool, thanks for putting my blog on your links page! I had thought about submitting it on your links sidebar, but my last few posts are about my grandmother being diagnosed with cancer, so it’s a bit of a downer right now.

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You are very welcome, and who cares if it’s a “downer”, it’s reality, I am hoping lol, to get people to link more than their blogs so I think I need to spur that on somehow lol

I think the 3 columns was a good idea, especially with the number of submitted links you are getting!


It looks great! Did you change it again, too? Maybe you posted again. I come via my RSS reader and I’m catching up on old posts. Hehe. It looks fantastic, though!

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