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Oddly enough just sitting here I am torn between two feelings.

Elation since the new Backstreet Boys (HELL YEAH) album is coming out and EE 1.3 should be released in beta soon

Sadness this one I’m confused about. I am slowly getting things together. I am a horrid procrastinator. This weekend hasn’t been all that bad due to all night conversasions with my buddies.

I need water help. Anyone want to consistantly remind me to drink water? I’d… uhh… love you in naughty ways!

Anyway, I am going to suck it up and post a picture of myself from my webcam. I normally wear glasses since uhh crappy vision. Eventually I do want contact lenses. Me today ohhh earrings!


posted on June 13th 2005 at 1:46AM CDT

I agree on more pictures of you too. You are beautiful. Show it girl!!! HUGS!

posted on June 13th 2005 at 7:33AM CDT

first: love the layout. second: you are too beautiful not to be showing THAT face, and trust me – i’m not a blow smoke up your ass kind of gal

posted on June 13th 2005 at 1:53PM CDT

Try to get in the habit of having a glass of water everytime you pass through the kitchen – it’s the only way I can remember to drink water… then again, I’m sure I have early onset ‘oldtimers’! :-s

Once again a great layout – great layouts, great photos… dang it how can one bod have so much greatness?? ;)

posted on June 14th 2005 at 2:11AM CDT

Hi its Ella from Roxydoll UBB just had to comment on how pretty your site is! Lovely :)

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