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eatin a sandwhich….listening to limp bizkit my way….i can’t seem to shake my tiredness driving me NUTS! i honestly have no CLUE what to do online today! ahhahahahahhahahaha its 420!!! my brothers sacred holiday! its been raining all day which seems like a good thing, i love the rain, back in tucson during the monsoons i would just stand out there…..just feeling the rain even if its a sprinkle or something that could invoke a flood, its just soothing! OH Ali should be getting her cd and videos today! sent them to her in overnight mail! ahhahaha last time, the mail dude didn’t deliever them so i called LONG DISTANCE and gave them the riot act! lemme tell u i had that guy quaking he even made the delivery guy TELL my sister to have me call his supervisor BACK to make sure the package arrived! im REALLY good dealing with that kind of crap. maybe because my mom is the queen at it i think! OHHHHHHHH making of the band is on tonight!!! woohooo!!!!!!!