Today, we went to Mary’s place, totally fun! Chubs even took a step while we were there! Her kids are just beautiful!! Then Ali ordered a pizza, but I ended up porking out on all the cheese bread so I couldn’t even handle eating more than 2 bites of pizza, so that is for tomorrows lunch. I washed diapers, bedsheets, bathroom stuff. Ali cleaned the bathroom damn good. hmmm what else…. I think that was it. It rained tonight so the temp is dropping like 20 degrees overnight. Touch nippy. I am sorta out of it, brain is all mushy.

Oh I got 2 letters from Crystal today! One had a book and a bracelet! So I totally need to write her back.

Blah, mushy brain!

hehehe the Avacado is an Enigma!!!

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posted on March 25th 2003 at 12:12AM CST

avacado lovin. good facial material. just ask daniel. he’s such a cutie! i can’t remember holding a baby that young. it’s been so, long. my kids are so, big now. but, daniel has the warm soft baby going. i just wanted to hug him! it was nice to meet you in person! mental image!

posted on March 25th 2003 at 12:43AM CST

mmm… avocado. lol

posted on March 25th 2003 at 8:14AM CST

Hey Sarah!
You seem to be doing great =)  That makes me happy!  I have yet to see and pictures of Daniel.  I would love to. hehehe.  I wuv babies. ;)  IM me if ya ever wanna talk!  *hugs*

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