First off, obviously a new design.

So tonight my sister, myself, and my son all went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, then to Woodfield Mall where I got Daniel and her each a gift (yay for starting my shopping finally!), so literally as SOON as we entered the mall this guy came up to me and commented that I must be so cold because of the thin jacket I was wearing then just kept following us halfway through the freaking mall, even was as bold as to shake my HAND when he started babbling about cars! Yeah I attract the creepy ones! So that was a fantastic disturbing start to our night! My sister bought Daniel a great shirt from H&M which he adores! So when we came home he said, “Thank for for the shirt Ali!” out of nowhere! I feel so proud of him for thanking her on his own! Such manners! I am just SO proud!

So in a bit we are going to prance around online so I can figure out more gifts for everyone, good times!

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posted on December 18th 2005 at 9:53AM CDT

I think I would’ve cursed that guy out, lol. :/ Congrats on starting your shopping. I have yet to begun. I’ve only bought things for my daughter, which she will probably be the ONLY person to get something this year.

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