New Autumn Layout

August 30th 2004 / 1 minute to read

Here is a new autumny layout featuring an autumn leaf from a photo I took hmm two weeks maybe a touch less, ago. Took me forever to create and code. Tons of CSS fun lol. Hopefully y’all like it.

Oh, I am still surprised no one wanted a Gmail Invitation. I guess by now everyone who wants one has one!

I have 23 Gmail Invites let me know if you want one! All I ask in return is a plug/link on your site if you have one!

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Yea, Gmail has been giving out tons of invites to their members in the last week or so. I wonder if they are about to release gmail to the public?

Lovely layout. :)

Reply to Amber

nice layout! its really cool and autumny. I like the leaf a lot.

p.s. i want a gmail invite *hint hint* lol..

Reply to Adam

You could donate your invites to:

Reply to Crys

Oooh, very spiffy layout! =]

Reply to Lina

Wow, love the autum layout – gorgeous all around.  That leaf has beautiful color but, but, but, but, it’s only August. 

Strange nothing has turned color here yet but it seems to be doing so all around us.  What’s up with that?

Reply to Barb

yup, I still have 6 gmails to get rid of too. Gmail keeps giving me invites. LOL!
The new layout is gorgeous by the way. Have a great Monday!

Reply to Lani

Love the layout, the solitary leaf makes one think of autumn even more than seeing the entire tree.
I don’t know what gmail is so…hope you remember me with good thoughts.

Reply to Sterling

Beautiful layout, I love the photo you took and the colors are just gorgeous.

Reply to Kestrel

This is a beautiful layout.  It really does have that autumn feel to it. I would say, “hey, I want a gmail invite” but I would feel rude asking considering that I don’t really know you :D

But good work on the layout again.  I really like it.

Reply to Skye

Just wanted to mention again that I -really- love this layout.  Probably my favorite thus far in all the layouts I’ve seen you make lol

Reply to Crys

Lovely, absolutely lovely =) So subtle and calm.

Reply to Josephine

I love your layouts, they are so beautiful. You really do show your love for nature and the seasons. Keep up the great work. :)

Reply to Sarah

oo, lol.. well at least your autumn leaf didn’t pay off! You get to use it on your layout this year! lol.. doesn’t it feel special ;)! haha.. Loving the new look.. so ill be back ;)
Talk to you soon!

Reply to Vera

What a beautiful site! I love the drop shadow and the background and the leaf and the way the ‘breathe autumn’ text is placed over the transparent text layer ~ouuu~ And just everything else. Very beautiful!

G-Mail is driving me crazy. My friends’ve been sending me invites and I don’t want ‘em ~grr~ because I hate setting up e-mail accounts and forwarding things. I always end up forgetting them ~uhg~. Not only that but isn’t Yahoo! mail a very large account now as well? I get so much junk mail my Yahoo! Account used to fill up almost daily, but now it doesn’t have any problem waiting the week it usually takes me to clean it out : ) heh, yeah. I’m pitiful.

Reply to Echo

Your layouts always strike a chord for their simplistic elegance. This one doesn’t fail, it fits the season beautifully. Well done, Sarah.

Reply to Kristin

This is beautiful. :)

Reply to lia

Woowwww…. This layout is super =)

I wish I had the motivation to make layouts that suit the season XD

lol, I think most people do have gmail – I can’t get rid of mine, no matter how hard I try =P

Reply to Rose

I just have to comment since I saw you link to your site at the codegrrl forums :) I love the layout :).
A question: How did you make that wonderful photosite (Visionary) of yours?

Reply to Malin

very pretty layout!

Reply to rachel

I love the autumn layout

Reply to Laura

Love the new layout!

And yeah, Gmail is giving out invites like crazy

Reply to Jen

Well I’ll take a gmail invite if you have one for me lol. I absolutly love this layout its beautiful its got this kind of classic look that so many people try to get but just well… can’t. I love it :)

Reply to Maggie

It’s just beautiful. I wish you did design for other people.  ;-)

Reply to Daisyhead

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