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posted on August 29th 2004 at 3:01PM CDT

Oh, I wanted to mention that I have everything ready for your package. And it will be mailed to you, tomorrow (monday) YAY! Knitting needles and more for you. LOL! Have a fabulous sunday.

posted on August 30th 2004 at 7:53PM CDT

Beautiful layout! I took a peek at some of the other sites you designed and it is obvious you have a flair for web design. :)

posted on August 31st 2004 at 12:53PM CDT

Great design, I wish i had this kind of talent…

posted on September 3rd 2004 at 12:36AM CDT

I found your site via pMachine forums and stopped by to check it out. Your site is great. I think you are very talented. I am thinking of a redesign for my site and added you to my list of potentials. Will email you with questions….