New Flat and Bright Design

January 7th 2014 / 1 minute to read

Finally, a design with color! If you’re reading this in your favorite RSS reader, I highly suggest you actually click through to see the awesomeness.

Here’s a list of the fancy stuff I did:

  • Each category has it’s own color, which is carried through completely on single post pages.
  • I’ve used two images in the theme coding itself. The rest are fonts.
  • The index is all now excerpts.
  • Overall it’s wider going from 1100px to 1250px.
  • I made a few of the submit buttons a bit fancy, like on the comments form for example. You’ll see it when you submit a comment. So submit a comment!

How long will I keep this theme? No idea. My brain can’t handle designing for myself and more and more I lean towards really minimalistic clean design. Still. COLORS!

If you stopped by anytime before 4:45p CST the theme was a bit… different. I went a bit more cleaner and dare I say even more awesome? Hope those who commented like v2!

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Album Art for Lay Your Hands

Simon Webbe

Lay Your Hands

Album Art for Linger

The Cranberries


Album Art for Sorry

Justin Guarini


Very nice new design, lovely colour palette, and nice and clear too.

Thank you so much!


It looks awesome! Love it.

Reply to Crystal

The comment button surprised me! *grins* Very very cool.

Reply to Crystal

Thank you!!!


Cheery and clear. Very modern, but fun still. Modern can be so cold — this is not! (:

Reply to Audrey

Thank you! I actually changed it quite a bit since you commented, hope you still like it!

I love it! (need I say more?) :D

YAY thank you!

This looks absolutely amazing! The colors are so vibrant and fun!

I actually changed the design a lot since you commented… my brain was in overdrive I suppose! I hope you still like version two!

I absolutely adore the colors! Fantastic Sarah. So glad to see you’re still blogging. I re-discovered your site after finding a very old guest post I did here in 2009. Cheers to you!

Thank you!!

I love it. I love it so, so much. It almost feels like being in Sephora with all the pretty colors and boxes!

Wellll I sort of really super duper changed a lot of it since you commented. So I hope you still like it!


‘Tis very pretty. :) The colors are definitely mood-lifters!

Reply to Jenn

Thank you Jenn!


You already know but… I LOVE IT. I absolutely do.. like.. when you’re done with it can I haz? rofl That’s the level of my love for this theme.

Reply to Keeshia

Thank you!!!! I was worried, compared to the first version, no one would like THIS version.


I like it :) It’s very pretty and kind of a reminder of the warm weather we all wish we had right now xD

Reply to Jenny

Thank you Jenny!


As I mentioned on Facebook, under my sites FB page apparently, the contrast difference is quite nice. You went from a flat black and white type layout to a white with vibrant colors – keeping it contrasted. I don’t know if that makes sense, in my head it does.

These types of colors remind me of late summer but not quite autumn. It puts a warm feeling and makes me want to run in the sprinklers like a little kid.

Reply to Desiree

It totally makes sense! Thank you so much!

I love, love, love this design. It is so colorful! I am a sucker for bright colors. I love how clean the design is. Amazing!

THANK YOU! Oh I’m totally into brights lately, maybe because it’s winter lol!

I’m commenting so I can see the neat stuff. Fun colors, too, especially this time of year.

I always know when you change your theme because he button changes on my site. I love that you do that. Most people (myself included) have stopped that.

AHHH I wondered if people noticed the button change! So awesome!!


I absolutely love this! I always wanted a theme that had colours for different categories! This is a beautiful theme.

Reply to Caity

Thank you! It’s a freaking ton of CSS but I feel it’s totally worth it for this theme. I think if someone had 20+ categories it would be hard to figure out color combinations though lol!

Finally had time to go through everything and look at all the newness and gorgeousness, and I absolutely love it. It’s soft on the eyes while still being bright, clear, crisp, tidy, minimalistic and most of all beautiful!

I love this. Love love love it. You’re so talented!


Amanda Jillian

Love it!

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Thank you so much!!

I love you new design and the COLOR! Gorgeous :) Happy birthday to your kiddo. It goes too fast. I hope he had a wonderful day.

Thank you! OMGGG so fast. Seems literally like yesterday when he was all new and ity bity!

I LOVE the new color scheme and logo.

Thank you!

kristen @ glambunctious

LOVE the color! And the neat freak in me loves the color coding! WOOHOOO! :)

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

YAY! Thank you!!

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