Happy 12th Birthday to My Son Daniel!

January 9th 2014 / 1 minute to read

It absolutely blows my mind that my firstborn, my teeny tiny chubs, is now in his last year before he is a full-fledged TEENAGER. Where has the time gone?!

So here we go with a ton of photos!


My twin sister holding baby Danny at a family picnic


Danny’s biological father, Matt, holding him


Just being cute!


Holding hands with Uncle Odis




Danny kissing his cousin Galina


Danny smiling and laying with his brand new baby brother


Snuggling his baby brother


Kissing his baby brother


Danny right before turning 12

I am absolutely so blessed that he is my son! He is AWESOME!


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Amanda Lenton

Happy Birthday Danny! Those pictures are adorable! Best wishes for an awesome year for him and the family.

Reply to Amanda Lenton

Thank you so much!

Happy birthday Danny!! :)

Thank you!!

Oh. my. word. 12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY! I can’t believe he’s already 12! I think I remember when you originally posted the 5th picture, haha. Sarah, you make gorgeous babies who turn into very handsome young men, apparently!

Isn’t it crazy!?!? I was still pregnant with him when I started OSN specifically… started blogging in general a month and a half before finding out I was pregnant with him… ahhhh!!!

I am going to FREAK when he turns 13. Seems like a REAL age lol!


That 5th picture makes me melt. Happy Birthday to him! Time certainly does fly.

Reply to Caity

Thank you Caity!


Love the pictures! It’s so hard to comprehend that he’s twelve years old… it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long!

Reply to Crystal

HA! I bet you still remember me IMing you all crazy like when I found out I was pregnant!


Absolutely! I wasn’t at the computer for some reason, but I heard my IMs pinging over and over again. *grins* You swirled it.

Reply to Crystal

Happy birthday Danny! I like your blog a lot!

Reply to Mike

Thank you Mike!!

Amanda Jillian

Awww happy birthday little man!

Reply to Amanda Jillian
kristen @ glambunctious

Happy birthday to Danny! Your photos are beautiful. Congratulations on having beautiful kids! :)

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