New Spring Design

March 11th 2010 / 1 minute to read

Ah yes, another redesign of OSN! Please let me know if something looks off or isn’t working.

I was “inspired” by these two photos I shot the other day!



If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, I would love to hear it!

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It is really pretty :) Love those photos how amazing are those!

Reply to Damita

Thank you so much!


sarah, your photography is just amazing. i usually only really like industrial things, but you have made me look at nature again. i also love tight compositions and close shots. really, just lovely.

Reply to Liz

Aww thank you. I tend to lean towards nature photography the most, occasionly people too lol.


it’s a very awesome design :D i love it :D

Reply to Jenny

Thank you so much, I appreciate it!


Whoa – the comment area is trippy ;)
I love it! Very unique and you.
What is the arrow at the top of the main page for? It’s clickable, but it didn’t take me anywhere . . .

Reply to Dionna

Thank you!! Oh that’s the search box, I’m going to adjust it do that it’s more obvious tonight or tomorrow lol.


ooooOOOooo I love the “Leave a reply,” box! It’s so lovely! It’s fresh and springy and I love the colour combinations you’ve used. I’m also in love with the font! What is it??

Reply to Samantha

Yay I’m glad!! The font is called ‘maenan’. Isn’t it pretty?

You already know I think it’s awesome! I didn’t know about the photos though. They are pretty cool looking. I especially like that first one.

Thank you! I am totally into swirly things lately and really noticing it in nature. Granted “nature” means “our backyard” but still!

Slappy Walker

I think the design is great. It sounds crazy, but I’m still tripping out over how your comments pull in the latest RSS feed material from my site.

Reply to Slappy Walker

Thank you! Oh yes that uses the CommentLuv plugin!


It’s gorgeous! Nice work, again!

Reply to Caity

Thank you!

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