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posted on July 7th 2004 at 7:36PM CDT

i love your pictures! but maybe that’s because they are of nature :) i’m a sucker for that stuff. hopefully soon i’ll have some of my own great pics – recently got a new digi cam. later!

Angel Whispers
posted on July 7th 2004 at 7:46PM CDT

Beautiful pictures, Sarah.  I love rainbows.  :o)

posted on July 7th 2004 at 11:54PM CDT

Oh wow, I can’t remember the last time I saw a rainbow, never mind a double rainbow.
By the way, I found a huge box of knitting stuff (mostly yarn), in our basement and I know it definitely wouldn’t be missed.  If you’re still looking for some, I could send some out to you :)

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