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Yay I didn’t have to do the questions this week over at WW!!

What path of Paganism do you follow? (If you take pieces from several traditions, list all of them and why you follow those as well)

I say I am Pagan with Wiccan tendencies, I appreciate the dualities and balance

Are you/would you be open about your spirituality in the workplace/school?

Hmm I wasn’t running around I’m Pagan! I didn’t hide it either. I just was my normal self. I did however have a manager make snide remarks about my tiny spiral goddess earrings “It bothers me so much you wear a naked woman on your ear”

Here is an image from ebay of the earrings.

If you were in a marriage of separate faiths, how would you raise your children?
I like saying blended faiths instead of seperate. Matt isn’t religious by any means lol but he still holds the ideals of heaven and god n what not. He has no problem with us raising our son Pagan.

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