I’m pretty sure these are baby crab apples.


Yay for pretty tiger lily!


I think this is a dragonfly on our radio antenna but not sure.


posted on June 18th 2005 at 8:02PM CDT

wow…those pics are gorgeous!! are those digital?? what kind of camera do u use?!

posted on June 18th 2005 at 8:05PM CDT

haha – sorry just read what kind of camera =o) ur pics are just awesome!

posted on June 18th 2005 at 10:31PM CDT

:lol: I don’t know what the hell that bug is, but it’s not a dragonfly!  :-p

That tiger lily is gorgeous.

posted on June 19th 2005 at 1:05AM CDT

Wow… I love your photos.