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Poor baby

Right now Daniel is sleeping with a 100.7 fever, and this is a couple of hours after some motrin. I think I am going to call off work if the fever doesn’t break. He was just… it scared me it really did. Mary knows. He was totally lethargic, resting his head on my shoulder which he has never done not even when he was a wee little baby. He has been sleeping so much. I feel like the worst mother for him being sick. My twin sister is sick too so I’ve been trying to make her feel better too, Daniel and her had pancakes and french toast for a very late dinner, I was glad since both of them haven’t really touched any solid foods in the past few days. Daniel at least nurses.

I am going to try to sleep now. This sucks.

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posted on November 7th 2003 at 5:13AM CST

Hugs Sarah, that helpless feeling mothers go through whenever their children are in distress for whatever reason is grueling.  You are NOT a bad mother because Daniel got sick. Kids get sick but it’s heartbreaking to any Mom to have to deal with.  I hope both your sister and Daniel get better soon. Rest is absolutely the best thing for them. It’s the bodies way of healing.  Push the liquids!

posted on November 7th 2003 at 6:28AM CST

it’s horrible to feel helpless when your kids are sick.  hang in there.

posted on November 7th 2003 at 7:18AM CST

I sure hope they feel better. It’s always a lot of work to take care of people who are sick. It is very commendable that you can watch over your loved ones. I hope they get healthy, and happy soon.

posted on November 7th 2003 at 8:01AM CST

I’m really sorry to hear that.. Kids get sick all the time. I’ll keep both Daniel and your twin sister in my prayers. I sure hope they get well soon. And you are not a bad mother just because Daniel is sick, mmkays? /hugs.

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