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Oh, that’s just gorgeous!

Thank you! I shot them through my bedroom window lol.


I love it! Great photo.

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Yay thank you!

Gorgeous photos, as always. :)

Aww thank you so much!

I am IN LOVE with these. I saw them on flickr first and favourited the first one immediately. So gorgeous. Love the DoF. How do you capture the snow so perfectly? When I take pictures of snow flakes falling it looks blurry and awful.

Thank you! A faster shutter speed and shallow DoF lol. I shot these from my bedroom window.


So lovely. Photos such as these show me why I want to learn to be a better photographer — to help me see the world so much more clearly — and not miss (for example) the bits of red on an otherwise dreary day (dreary here, anyway).

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Aww thank you!!

Sarah, I love these photos. That little pop of color is like nature’s way of saying “screw you, Old Man Winter. I’ve had enough of your crap!” lol

Thank you! I’ve not really taken many winter/snow photos this season at all!


Gorgeous photo!

It’s those little pops of color that get me through the general grey of winter.

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Thank you!!


Very pretty photos, as always :)

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Those are REALLY beautiful pictures!

P.S. I love the layout, too. :)

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It’s gorgeous photos like these which are so inspiring! Hope your cold is over soon!

I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger award, if you want to accept ; – )


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