March 10th 2005 / 1 minute to read

Well another charge went through so I have to dispute that. Real fun.

What bank do you use and why? Do they have any special features? Free checking?

It’s snowing like crazy right now, makes me and I am sure, my wee child, perky too! We love the snow!

Visionary is updated through the 16th of this month so keep an eye every day for a new photo!

I am so… brain dead this morning. I went to bed super early and kept waking up all night, finally got up at 6:15am. I also renewed all of the library books online since they were due today but I really am not in a library mood. I just want to go to the bank and deal with all of that crap and go home. I put everything for chili into the slowcooker before I left for work this morning so that is one less thing to worry about.

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I hope all is going well with your bank fraud problems. Have you reported it to the police yet and gotten a case file number yet?

I would put a Freeze on your account, I’m suprised it has not been done already. No Outgoing money unless it’s done at the bank in person.

I am from Canada, so I cant be very helpful with banks that are American. If you want to know, I was using RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) but of course they stole from me, and I switched bacnks to TD (Toronto Dominion Bank – My friends bank there that’s why I went there, plus they are open to 8pm!) …

I would look into credit unions to put your money into, they are like banks but differnt. Though I dont know how they are differnet…

I need to return my library books before my late fees go even higher. I have been slowly paying off my $80 overdue charges for the past few months. eek!

Reply to Aidan

This is so weird.. literally right after reading all this the phone rang and it was my bank telling me that the has been suspicious activity and that they are “hot carding” my debit card and sending me a new one. When I called me mom to tell her about it she asked if I have bought any shoes at DSW lately..I thought for a minute and yes I had. It turns out that several credit card numbers have been stolen and been being used from there in recent weeks…I haven’t actually seen any of the reports so I don’t know if it was employees or what. But I thought the timing was kinda freaky. But my bank is really good about things like this..I would totally recommend them but they are an Arkansas bank. Hope everything work out for you.

Reply to Sharon

As your current bank seem quite on the ball – they called you after all – I’d give them the benefit of the doubt for a while (or at least until the issue is resolved as far as they are willing to go)  as the bank down the block may be less astute at looking after your interests.

My bank (the one I use, not the one that employees me) is superb and I’d recommend them – but they’re in the UK so it’d be pointless.

If you do decide you have to move banks you are at least going the right way about finding a new one by asking for recommendations. You could also go into local branches and ask about their fraud protection policies along with other account features.

Reply to Timm

I use Commerce Bank, largely because they have hours 7 days a week and their online banking system is great. Their checking is free and I’ve never had a problem with them like other banks I’ve used.

Reply to Jenn

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