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Stolen Money

So I come home from work to see I have a voicemail. Long story short, it was my bank’s fraud department saying there is weird activity. So I have my sisters boyfriend take me to the bank, and so far for sure $30 that has cleared but it looks like it could even be up to or over $100 has been stolen from me. So I went to the bank did the paperwork, and it will take up to 2 weeks to see if I will even get the money back. Not including that still stuff is clearing so it can take another week to see if there is more crap going through.

I am so hysterical right now. I can’t afford this.

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posted on March 8th 2005 at 11:21PM CST

Oh god, this happened to my mom recently. She had her identity stolen in the fall and is still getting bad things from it. *sigh*
Really good luck to you, I hope things get better!

posted on March 9th 2005 at 2:30AM CST

I hope it all works out!  You must be feeling really bad…  chin up, it’ll work out :)

posted on March 9th 2005 at 4:41AM CST

Pacific Druid is quite correct that debit/cheque fraud should be covered by your bank – they are insured for this kind of thing.

Assuming this is card fraud, your bank should have immediately cancelled the card involved and set in motion the process to issue a replacement – if they haven’t INSIST that they do!

Also, go through your receipts, cross check against your statement(s) and inform them of any fraud transactions you find.

This may not even be your fault – Choicepoint get a mention here for allowing fraudulent access to peoples financial data in a major secuity breach!

The cloning of a card is SOoo simple – it just needs a matter of seconds to swipe it in a second reader connected to a PC and then a writer to copy the data to a blank card at a later time. Readers cost about $100, blank cards cost cents. NEVER let your cards out of your site – even in a restaurant follow the server to the tills to watch the card being swiped.

The above won’t necessarily help with the stress/hassle involved – but your bank should re-imburse the money and be helpful if you find yourself in dificulties as a result and let them know.

If you have any worries/concerns drop me an email with any questions and I’ll answer what I can – the US/UK banking indurties shouldn’t be that different! :)

posted on March 9th 2005 at 4:32PM CST

Gosh, that sounds horrible! I really hope things turn out well for you! Try to relax ((easier said than done, I know)) but panicking doesn’t make the situation any better. Don’t worry, things will turn out fine, I promise *HUG*

posted on March 9th 2005 at 8:35PM CST

That is crazy, crazy stuff! I’d demand that they give you the money back, after all it’s hardly your fault money has been stolen from your account. When a cheque I paid into my mum’s account went missing they put

posted on March 9th 2005 at 10:14PM CST

I had something similar happen to me except… My bank never informed me. I had to wait until I had lost $1000 before I neven noticed (3 days illegal activity started) … I never got my money back. The bank was terrible, extremly rude, I put in complaints and still nothing happened. Because everything happened on my Debit Card I was not covered. My Card Number, and My Pin Number, so there was nothing they could do because … Your Pin is something personal to you and once someone else find it out the the whole friggin thing was VOID and I got NO MONEY BACK, yet I never told anyone my Pin, there is a bunch of other BS shit that went on, I am still confused as to what happened and what the final result was.. !

Though because I was also over drawn by over $500 I got $500 back from the bank, just as a “We feel sorry for you because it is two weeks before Christmas” type thing… Ugh

Hopefully you dont lose anymore money because well, I can live with losing $100 max, but Fuck I lost over $1000.

Like everyone said, fight till the end. I wish I did’nt give up so quickly, well I did’nt give up, I just did’nt go all the the way to the media (one step away from doing that) Banks never link bad publicity.

If you have any questions, I can try and help you out though this. I’m also a good listening ear to bank stupidity rants.

posted on March 9th 2005 at 10:17PM CST

I forgot to mention. FILE A POLICE REPORT TOMORROW. If You have not done so already. There was Illegal Activity so Police should also be involved. That was one of the things that I waited on doing, because my bank told me too (they dont want to look bad, so they tell you to wait, and because banks deal with money you think .. ok, I’ll not do that until the bank knows for sure it was theft.) … GO AND FILE A POLICE REPORT NOW!

posted on March 9th 2005 at 10:56PM CST

Hello there! ^—^
O__o I’m sorry to hear about your banking troubles. Fraud is just so wrong… I think that even if they never catch the people who actually stole from you, the bank should assume full responsiblity. Stuff like that should never happen. It’s a shame. I hope you get all of your money back soon too. *sigh* Maybe you should switch banks too, afterwards – just for personal safety.

posted on March 9th 2005 at 11:11PM CST

man i would freak out if that happened to me, who the hell would have gotten a hold of your info and stolen from you? I hope you get your money back n the bastard is caught :(

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