May 8th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Can we say “OMG BUFFFYYY AND ROSWELLLLL” oh yeah they were THAT good tonight. I am having a nervous breakdown waiting for next week’s Buffy!
Right now Daniel is sleeping on Matt who is watching a basketball game, joy. I updated Reviews and posted on forums, but that was about it. I took over Cliquealicous from Tess, but gods, going through all of those sites for a code check! They either do not have the code, they have it from when it was hosted, or they just have the totally wrong address. It’s fustrating so I am doing a little bit at a time.
I am sorta blah at the moment, still quite numb from losing Daniel’s images. I am unsure of what to do online at the moment, no one seems to be on and if they are, well no one is IMing heh or emailing for that matter. I still have like zero bookmarks now, so please share all you have! Blogs, resources, anything at ALL would be fantastic and helpful.
Matt for the past 48 hours or so has been so back and forth on keeping the house we rented. “We can’t afford it, we can afford it if we don’t eat” It’s breaking me down, I so do not need that stress, then he tells me we are keeping the house but I can not be expecting all kinds of house stuff the first few months. I’m like HELLO, most of what I want aside from furniture, is stuff I want to CREATE! Like the shower curtain, prints, flowers, etc. I just ugh really need something totally perky to happen. I understand we are broke, we have to pay not only rent on the place but ALL bills and have to provide our own stove and fridge which is going to suck as its hard to keep any money because it keeps getting sucked up by this evil apt. I just wish I knew how to earn money at home, online would be nice too. Any suggestions there?
Well, I suppose I should find something else to do to entertain myself somehow so I shall write on later.

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