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Tomorrow we are going to go garage sale-ing all day so I was wondering if anyone had any hints/tips on haggling prices. We will be leaving around 1pm (when I get off work). I’m also going to be getting Daniel a haircut.

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posted on July 16th 2005 at 3:57PM CDT

I don’t have any tips for ya ~ im bad at talking people down. Although im quite shocked that you’re able to go garage saling at 1pm!! if you went at that time where i live, they’d be over and/or nothing would be left. Garage sales here start around 6am. You wouldn’t dare leave for a garage sale later than 10pm. Weird. I also hear you guys (americans) have garage sales on fridays!!

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posted on July 19th 2005 at 10:48AM CDT

Ooooh, I love garage sales.  I haven’t been to any this year yet, but man I love ‘em!!!  Hope you had fun and got some good deals!