Check out Imagination for tonights dinner, if you look back in an hour, you will see the blueberry crisp that is right now cooking in the oven.

About the phone post, HOPEFULLY it won’t happen, Matt and I are going through everything to try and Ebay lol. I wouldn’t mind picking up some design, scripting, help type work though.

I am going to Ebay all of my SageWomen magazines, maybe my NewWitch magazines, I also have over a years worth of RealSimple, some Cosmos, Glamour,  Jane, Martha Stewart Living, etc. I like magazines lol. Unless anyone wants to make an offer before it hits Ebay… then I should have those up pretty soon, I might sell off some of my candles and crystals as well if anyone is interested!

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posted on May 1st 2004 at 9:44PM CDT

Sarah, I’ve got no doubt you’ll figure it all out.  You are certainly resourceful which is an excellent quality in this world! :o)!  I hope you manage cause I’d miss you!

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