July 7th 2005 / 1 minute to read

I am shaking right now. I can’t stop shaking. Oh gods. So many people, normal every day people, dead, injured. Why?

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*Hugs* This really sucks…

Reply to Sarah

It’s sick, what is happening in this world. It makes me scared to even raise my son in a world like this. My heart goes out to everyone over in London right now.

Reply to Dorka

It is such a tragedy that so many are injured or dead to try to further the aims of a few misguided & deluded individuals. :(
Friends who work in London, in the area of the bombs, were visiting today which was fortunate as they may have been caught up in this otherwise. A colleagues sister was on the subway at Kings Cross and fortunately in a different carriage – she suffered smoke inhalation and shock, but was otherwise alright.

Reply to Timm

Dorka, don’t be scared, that is the aim of terrorists, to scare people into giving up their freedoms and changing their way of life – statistically you are more at risk from a road traffic accident or a falling tv than a terrorist action.
Do not shun someone due to the actions of some misguided individuals. Yes, be aware of what is happening around you, look out for things that are out of the ordinary, but carry on as normal and raise your kid(s) to be tolerant, understanding individuals. Continue to treat others, whatever their nationality/beliefs, as you would wish to be treated by others, but most of all – don’t let the B******S grind you down! ;)
The IRA were bought to the negotiating table by the refusal of the British people to be intimidated despite countless atrocities. Todays actions are terrible, especially for those affected and their families, however carying on as normal shows we won’t be cowed by cowardly acts and is the best tribute to the fallen.
In the words of Monty Python – ‘Always look on the bright side of life, di dum, di dum, di dum di dum di dum……’ ;)
Sarah – sorry for the mini rant, please feel free to edit/delete as you see fit.

Reply to Timm

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