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Matt and I are trying to work things out, the past few days, he has been… MATT instead of evil jerk. Hopefully it will last.

Through out all of this, it has been interesting to listen to people’s advice to me. To stay. To leave. Or in some cases, how it effects them and we should do what is convient for them. That is a whole ‘nother entry heh.

I am going to place up a new design soon, all done in CSS, since my muse seems to be gone for the time being.

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posted on February 27th 2003 at 4:12PM CST

Sarah, It’s my opinion that only you can decide whether or not to stay or go. Only you know what’s right for you.  Still, I hold true to my origional statement and that is to make sure the responsibility and protections are in place for you and for Daniel as well as for Matt.  If you seperate at least you will know you will be alright. If you stay together it can only benifit you to get ahead and have resources available to you! :).