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As you can see a new design, very simple, all done in css. Mostly because I couldn’t think of a darn thing, I was tired of the previous design, and I wanted to showcase some new fun things.

Oh, Jenn has a nifty new layout too!

posted on February 27th 2003 at 3:10PM CST

Ooooooo! I love it! So pretty and simple too! Did I tell you that my blog has moved?

posted on February 27th 2003 at 10:48PM CST

You’re all ready for my favorite holiday of them all with the green. ;)

posted on February 28th 2003 at 5:12AM CST

Haha, you all think this looks simple! Perhaps I am looking at it from a different stand point but I think it looks complicated as all hell!  I like all the one touch info available though! Sarah, you continue to amaze me!