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Snow and Knitting

First off, here is a picture of the more shorter strap for MJ’s bag! It should fit much better now.

Next is the start of a bag for me, similar to MJ’s bag in color scheme just a touch different!

It started snowing today, Daniel just loves it! Takes after me in that aspect lol.

Here he is shoveling the snow.

Here he is preparing a snowball to throw at his daddy!

Here he is staring out the window at the snow lol.

Here is a demented snowman! Oddly enough Matt didn’t place the leaves and such on the face, when he was rolling up the snowball head, it naturally picked up the leaves in that formation!

Lastly, some of the lovely snow on the bushes!

I am so super exhausted lately, I’ve been working late and I will be working Saturday because my bosses are out of state on their vacation right now. It’s stressful because some specific workers tend to slack off a hell of a lot when they are on vacation and I am stuck with all the complaints about it. I just wish instead of bitching or cussing or smoking they could get off their asses and actually work. It really drives me insane.

Tomorrow Matt will be doing most if not all, of the fancy dinner, including the turkey, since I work all day. I will have to remember to bring a light lunch so I have room for it all!

Well I am going to chat with a friend for maybe 30 min if not less because I have to be up so early tomorrow!

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posted on November 25th 2004 at 12:01PM CST

Wow, you all got bunches of snow, all we got here in the north was a few flakes and bunches of cold wet rain!

I just stopped in to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for being the wonderful hostess you’ve always proven to be!

posted on November 26th 2004 at 1:45PM CST

WOW The snow looks really exciting!!! And the hand bag looks wonderful ^_^

Hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving! Take care

posted on November 29th 2004 at 6:37PM CST

Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving. :) The snowy photos are great!

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