Blessed Samhain

October 31st 2004 / 1 minute to read

I hope everyone had a very blessed and happy Samhain!

Here are some pictures I took today and tonight, including the pumpkin we carved and how quickly it got invaded by ants!


I made ribs with my grandmothers’s bar-b-que sauce recipe in the slow cooker, acorn squash, mashed garlic potatoes, and biscuits.  Very nummy, and Daniel just loves the ribs which is so shocking to me because he is not a big meat eater.

I finished knitting my bag with that yarn in the previous entry so here are pics of that, Matt is the one holding the bag. It is using a shoe box filled with videos to block it lol.


What shall I knit next? More purses/bags? Sweaters? Hats? Something else?

I kinda want a paid LiveJournal account now heh.

Visionary is updated! I also joined BlogExplosion.

I hope everyone remembered to move their clocks back one hour! Hopefully it will make me feel like I am getting an additional hour of desperately needed sleep!

I have a lot of stress related to work now, I think I will have to write a long LiveJournal entry about it heh.

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Your pumpkin looks great! Sorry it got invaded by ants, I hate it when that happens. :( Those ribs sound really tasty…yum…you actually made me hungry, lol.

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Lovely Halloween stuff you have. I never did anything for it, since I had to work. Bah.

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