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Songs and Links

Tell me at least one, if not more, songs you think I should check out and listen to!

Also, be sure to tell me if you have me linked! Even if we have never talked or you’ve never commented here before, just let me know you have me linked because I would like to return the favor!

posted on July 11th 2004 at 7:02AM CDT

Any song by The Darkness, if you haven’t heard them already!

posted on July 11th 2004 at 2:15PM CDT

Not that I know what you listen to, but oh well…
Half the Man I Used To Be by Nirvana
Under The Stairs by The Birthday Massacre
and Suburbia by Matthew Good.
Oh, and I’m going to try and send the knitting stuff tomorrow :)

posted on July 12th 2004 at 1:34AM CDT

the reason by hoobastank.. ;-)

posted on July 12th 2004 at 2:08AM CDT

“The Beauty of the Rain”, Dar Williams

I think you’ll really like it.

posted on July 12th 2004 at 10:56AM CDT

The Mummers Dance Lorenna McKennit

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