Yep, new Spring design! I am just really craving springtime lately!

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posted on January 16th 2005 at 7:44PM CDT

I love the new look. Greens remind me of spring too. It’s very pretty. Have a great Sunday.

posted on January 17th 2005 at 1:55AM CDT

Oooo, Very pretty!!! I love the greens. I also really like the background, did you make it yourself?

posted on January 17th 2005 at 7:56AM CDT

*pets it and purrs* I looove it.

posted on January 17th 2005 at 9:02AM CDT

so lovely!

Angel Whispers
posted on January 17th 2005 at 11:58AM CDT

Beautiful layout, Sarah!

posted on January 19th 2005 at 10:22AM CDT

Very nice design!  Keep up the nice work!

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