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Ah yes, yet another redesign. Ever so green. Oh and swirly, can’t forget the swirly!

Thank you so much Maree for the books! I can’t stop reading!



I am trying to find my voice again, who knew it would be so difficult?

posted on January 8th 2008 at 5:44AM CST

Ooh this layout is very pretty. :D

posted on January 8th 2008 at 4:45PM CST

A wonderful and happy new year to you :)
The design is great, i allways love swirly designs.

posted on January 9th 2008 at 6:51AM CST

I just loved Tithe.  Holly Black has a website and a blog and she’s such an interesting writer.  There is a sequel to Tithe called Ironside, which I have yet to read, but I’m sure it would be equally as delicious…

I am only part the way through Twilight myself, so the jury is still out on that one for me.

So, so, so happy you’re enjoying the books. :)

posted on January 16th 2008 at 2:23AM CST

I bought that Tithe book awhile ago and it looked so interesting but I got “readers block” whenever I went to read it and ended up.. losing the book. Now I’m a sad panda. :(