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Yummm! The apricots and plums are delicious! All the colors and arrangements are excellent. I especially like the composition of the raspberries and boysenberries (?). Nicely done.

Thank you so much! I thought it was so neat to find those Black Velvet Apricots, only was familiar with the regular variety.

Actually they are blackberries! Biggest ones I’ve come across in a long time and I just ate ALL of them over the past week, they were so good.

Whoa, look at the purple cauliflower! Amazing! Have you done anything with it yet? I bet it would make a boring stir fry gorgeous!

Oh yes, I made a “farmer’s market pasta”, with scallion, garlic, broccoli, fresh mozzarella, parm, grape tomatoes and that purple goodness. It was SO PRETTY lol! I’m going to do it again (since I go on Saturday’s for the popcorn and it’s literally in DH’s work parking lot) tonight for a pizza topping since Wednesday is where I found that purple lovelyness.


Well I’m hungry now…everything looks so yummy!

Reply to Amanda

LOL thank you!


Looks like someone went to the farmer’s market:) Really great shot of those beets.

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Oh yes! All from last week’s haul. I go again this morning!


Did you get the produce from a farmers market? It looks delightful. If you get a chance blackberries are really easy to grow and you can get a thornless variety. Blackberries are one of my kids favorite fruits and we have them all along our fence lines now. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Oh yes! All from last week’s haul. I go again this morning.

I have a teeny strawberry patch and we have wild raspberries however I don’t know if they are safe to eat?

We are hoping to redo the yard and get it squared away and plant all sorts of yummy goodness by Spring of next year!


What a wonderful series of pics… Loved them, and thanks for sharing them…

Reply to AussiePomm

Thank you!

Those photos make me hungry!
Happy WW!

Mariposa’s WW!

Thank you!!


oooohh… the purple cauliflower really caught my eye!

Reply to arvee

I bought another one today lol!


looks like some great meals are in store for you. I love the bright colors :)

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Thank you so much!

What is the purple one?


Amanda Jillian

Now I’m hungry =}

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LOL I can’t wait for dinner tonight…

Looks like you scored some tasty and beautiful farmer’s market finds! Yum…

Oh totally!


Everything looks so beautiful. Youve inspired me to get off my ass and check out the market tomorrow.

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Hope you went to the market and got a ton of tasty goodies!


I love love love the pics, thanks so much for sharing. I wish mine were half as good in quality. Purple cauliflower? I’ve only seen white ones! Does it taste the same? assuming you’ve tasted the white one :D

Reply to Johanna

Thank you! Yep! Tastes just the same but PURPLE lol, can’t beat that!


These are some really impressive photos :)

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Thank you Simon!

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