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Wow — really impressive!

Aww thank you!

I can see some of those autumnal hues coming into play. I’m trying to embrace it. But sighing a little inside. Love that last shot! Thanks for linking up for WW!

Oh I’m always so torn, I love Autumn SO MUCH it hurts, insane really lol! But that means it’s that much closer to WINTER and I’m not a fan of driving in snow.

Thank you!!!


Beautiful photos – love the bee shot!!

Reply to Marilyn@ButteryBooks

Thank you so much! That was SUCH a lucky shot because the bee was moving SO fast!


Sarah – these are fantastic. I love them ALL.

Reply to Amy

You are too nice to me!!

Cafe au lait

Great shot!

I played too. Mine are here and here.

Reply to Cafe au lait



Really, really amazing. I especially love the fifth one, beautifully rustic and that vibrant green! Superb.
Take care!

Reply to Marie-Anne

Thank you! That’s actually my huge fresh thyme bush in my teeny garden box that my husband built for me! Love it!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

That bee is such a sweet surprise, and I love the green growing over the wood. Lovely pictures, all of them!

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Thank you Lauren!!

Beth F

Oh I love the first shot with the bee! Nice. Really great series.

Reply to Beth F

Thank you Beth!

Oh my goodness…absolutely beautiful! I love the last one the best. Capturing that wisp of cloud? Awesomeness

Thank you!! It sort of looks like a heart to me lol!

Thank you so much!

Great shots, that first one is awesome!

Thanks Saun!


Oh my goodness how absolutely breathtaking! I adore the last one.

Reply to Caity

Thank you Caity!

These pics are gorgeous! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new fall design. It’s so pretty!


Wow!! Your work is absolutely stunning. I love all of the photos.

Reply to Terin

Nice shots. This was absolutely great. I really loved this one. I really loved flowers very much. Thanks for sharing me this pictures.

Reply to Jane

I have not seen the leaves, plants, flowers and the skies of this vibrancy—all gushing out colors. Pure colors! Amazing!

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