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Oh wow those are great. I like those shroom shots :D Very awesome.

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Thank you!! Our yard is so weird, the backyard is mostly the violets and in one area, those kind of mushroom, in the front it’s just… odd and then we have those weird puffball mushrooms.


the ones you step on and like dust comes out? i love those :P

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I love the earthy, natural quality to all your work.

Have you checked out It’s kind of like Flickr, but geared more toward the serious amateur photographer. AND they let you sell your photos directly through the site with a good commission. (that popped in my head because every time I come here I think people would pay for your prints!)

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Aww thank you!!! I’m going to pop over and check out that site today!


I would totally do that but I don’t think people would pay for my stuff :P I haven’t mastered “editing” yet xD

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PSHH I am so lazy when it comes to processing it’s ridiculous lol.

Oh my goodness, these photos are just absolutely gorgeous. The second one is my favorite. I can just feel the texture of those leaves on my finger tips. :)

Thank you! It’s actually my MASSIVE oregano plant lol.


Oh my goodness these photos are amazing! :D

Also, happy mother’s day to you!

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Gorgeous photos!!!! They completely have a “mood” to them..I love it…making me feel calm and serene..something needed in this office here today – Thanks! :)

As always, your pictures are amazing! I need to learn how to use my Nikon D90.


I love your photographic style! Great shots.

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Gorgeous pictures as always!

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