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Someone asked what Imagine was….well it was a Palace. It was one of a kind and did quite well until “rival” clans at the time I was in Elven…rival clans decided to start a “die sprite” campaign. They put props and avatars putting me down and using rude language and would come to my palace basically attempting to destroy it. They posted my photo all over since I made the mistake of giving it to my wizards and so I DO know who did it….anyways I was so stressed out because not only did they put ME down for close to a year they made it so people thought my palace was evil. Right after I made the decision to close I soon got pregnant. I am not so sure anymore that I would open it especially since even NOW I notice the “evil” people still are bitching about me and I also have noticed even now they seem very…….concerned of what I plan to do…..but I don’t know….I am still deciding…I am not feeling so good with all this morning sickness I am lucky to throw up LESS than 2 times a day….well I hope that helps slightly…

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