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Craig David


Album Art for Love at First Sight

Kylie Minogue

Love at First Sight

Album Art for Open Your Eyes

DJ Encore

Open Your Eyes

Red Lotus Mama

I love that first photo!

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Michelle Potter

Hey, Sarah, long time no see! I don’t know if you remember me, but we used to both post on a message board back when we were both pregnant the first time — MissGirl, maybe? I don’t remember. My domain used to be back then.

Love your WW photos! What a cutie!! :)

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My 9 month old granddaughter is pretty excited looking at the picture of kitty and especially baby. She is shrieking in delight and trying to type her own comment (kpjg vipo.ul) That was her :) Happy WW

Ms. Latina

What beautiful pictures! Love the cat by the window- so professional and your baby is adorable!

Happy WW, came from the WW Headquarters!

Reply to Ms. Latina

the first photo looks so nostalgic. the baby giggles though is contagious.

happy WW!

Reply to Arlene

Aww! What beautiful photos of Tristan! Your cat is not impressed, though. Fickle cat. ;)

Happy WW!

Reply to smarmoofus

@Red Lotus Mama thank you so much!
@Michelle OMG! I totally remember you! I see you had more awesome babies!

@Sukhmandir Kaur aww that is so sweet!

@Ms. Latina thank you! I shot the cat photo while laying in bed, nursing the baby lol. Mad skills!

@Arlene thank you! Oh I joke that I tend to only breed chill happy babies lol.

@Smarmoofus thank you! Tristan is getting so big too, he is (length wise) fitting quite well into 6-month clothing already! Oh the cat and I do not get along at all lol.

absolutely cute!

Jeez, he’s so unbelievably adorable!

Urban Thought

Excellent photo array.

Reply to Urban Thought

Cute baby pics! I like the cat pic too! I find cats are cool photo subjects! I have taken so many pics of my cats, with all of their moods and stuff they do.

Reply to Jeanette

awww those photos are cute! :)

u may view mine here


I could just EAT those baby cheeks!! So sweet!!

Reply to DanaB

That first photo is amazing. And the baby is adorable. Happy WW!

These are gorgeous!

Topiary Lady

Found your site today. Lovely photography… the baby is too precious! What a cutie. Thanks for sharing. Happy WW!

Reply to Topiary Lady

Love the first pic…so pretty!


Aww…what a sweet precious baby. Babies go through so many expressions in just ten seconds or so…it’s amazing.

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Jazmyn Leigh

Those pictures of baby are great! He is so sweet! :)

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I love pictures of babies!!

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Dragonfly Lady

I love the cat pic with the icicles, the second baby pic is my favourite… cute!

Happy WW!

Here is my link if you would like to visit:-

Reply to Dragonfly Lady

Babies are so cute when they smile. Just like my 3 month old daughter. I have a pic of her smiling and it’s like my wallpaper on pretty much everything I can put a wallpaper on!

Amazing pictures Sarah!

Pretty kitty and absolutely adorable baby. Thanks for sharing.

Grandmas Goulash – Wishful Thinking

The Wifey

There are indeed stars in that sweetie’s eyes. :)

Reply to The Wifey

quite a cute fellow….but I love that cat picture. he seems to be thinking very seriously.


I’m not even a cat person, but that first photo is awesome in it’s layout, with the icicles and everything.

Your son is damned adorable too. I want to squeeze and kiss those cheeks!

Reply to Vixen

It never fails. Your photos always bring a smile to my face. You’ve got a lot of talent. Those photos of Tristan are to die for. He’s a doll! Great shots.

Reply to Kristi

Aww thank you all so much! I appreciate all your lovely comments more than I could ever express!!

I love, LOVE the kitty picture. It is such a great shot. The icicles in the background, the shadows and Kitty’s tag are just so perfectly done! And speaking of perfectly done, your son is amazing!! Nom nom! Those cheeks are delicious.


Ha ha your little boy is cute and I love the cat picture :)

Reply to Damita

Oh my, those shots of the kiddo made me smile. And your cat looks just like one of ours!

I am late, (really late) with WW rounds this week, but mine is up now with a photo fit for this cold crisp winter we have been having.

Happy WW and week!

Thank you so much! I just adore his sweet expressions, he can be so animated!

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