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January 10th 2010 / 3 minutes to read

I’ve been asked many times what plugins I use so I figure I will give the low down on the plugins I use and WHY I use them!

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
I use this on the comment page of an individual post to show 5 related posts. I do this for a few reasons, namely for old posts to get some life back into them and because their may be some valuable (to someone at least) information in an older post the reader wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Add the Twitter field to your comments
Really as the title suggests, this adds that fancy, sought after, twitter field to your comments so readers can not only do the typical name/email/url, but also add a link to their twitter page!

Adds a really simple retweet button to your posts. What I like is that it displays how many times the post has been tweeted!

I use this plugin to do all my fancy fonts in the header/titles/sidebar.

Search Everything
This plugin is just awesome. It really amps up the built in WP search so it’s more accurate.

Almost par for the course, this plugin let’s you add a variety of social networks to every post so readers can add it to stumbleupon for example.

Twitter Counter
Displays the amount of twitter followers in a basic text format so you can incorporate it into your design.

WordPress Mobile Pack
If you want to up your readership, you NEED a mobile version of your site. This optimizes your site so it can be easily viewed/used on blackberry, iphone, etc.

Again, really basic, displays my latest tweets.

I completely adore this plugin over Akismet. The amount of spam I used to get is cut down around 85%! It also is a lot friendlier to work with.

Do Follow
I won’t go into the million reasons why no-follow isn’t my favorite thing in the world, this nifty plugin removes that bit of code to share in the comment love!

FeedBurner Count
Displays your feedburner count in a basic text format, use it to make your design pretty.

RSS Footer
Let’s you add information to the bottom of your RSS for each post. It can be done poorly so less is more when adding to your feed!

Ah how I love this plugin! Just for the proper char­ac­ter replace­ment alone!

Well I hope this list helps you out, let me know what some of your favorite plugins are in the comments!

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WP-Cufon sounds like it shall become my new best friend. I need to get Tweet-Meme too. Actually I am seriously thinking of giving my blog a huge facelift. I had someone help me originally, but it turned out he didn’t have a lot of design experience so I’ve been mulling over some ideas for awhile now. Just need to find some time to do it!
Oh, my favorite plug-in is Comment Luv. I use it to find new blogs all the time!

Reply to Melodie

Thanks for sharing never heard of WP-Cufon but am so using it now!
.-= {shared blog entry – Returned} =-.

Reply to Damita

I like Do Follow and I could not exist without Stray Quotes. I will check out add Twitter field to my comments plugin. Thanks for the list.

Reply to Juanita

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