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Bonjour, tout le monde! Just another guest blogger here, stepping in to say just how wonderful our host mummy is. I’ve been here at OSN for over a year, and I honestly can’t think of anywhere else I’d want to be. She’s gorgeous, intelligent, resilient, persistent, and she stays true to what she believes in, no matter what.

Sarah, I wish you a very happy birthday, and I hope that your vacation is going wonderfully. I also hope that the trees are turning over there so that you can see the incredible autumn foliage.

I’m home for the weekend, baking apple pies and celebrating the Yankees ACLS victory. I bought a Pettitte t-shirt today which makes me absolutely thrilled, as I didn’t think they’d even have one. I also bought an area rug for my dorm room, so my feet aren’t ice cold once I get out of the shower! My mum bought me the Matrix Reloaded DVD, so now I can watch all the Smith goodness over and over again…

Right. Enough of my babbling in Sarah’s journal. I’m off to celebrate my sister’s birthday and eat chocolate pie. Oh, and the Yankees, of course. Take care, everyone!