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   Hey everyone! My name’s Robyn and im from innocent-intentions.net. Im really good friends with Sarah, infact, i consider her to be one of my best online friends. Sarah has unfortunately lost her phone and net connection because her phone/dsl company decided to screw her over. She needs to raise a lot of money in a short period of time, she needs 250-400 dollars by the 21 of this month. If you could PLEASE donate, email me at webmistress@innocent-intentions.net and i will make you some or a lot of the following; graphics, blends, custom layouts, blinkies, banners, buttons, avs or anything else you can think of. If you would just like to directly donate to sarah you can via paypal at webmistress@onestarrynight.com (EVERY CENT COUNTS SO EVEN IF YOU CAN ONLY DONATE 1 CENT, PLEASE DO) but if you’d like something in return please contact me via email address above and we can make arrangements to have me make you something(s) in exchange. I will add examples of my work soon. PLEASE PLEASE help me get our amazing Sarah back! thank you! 

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posted on January 10th 2004 at 4:51PM CST

Sorry about Sarah, but I don’t have any money to donate.

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posted on January 10th 2004 at 6:21PM CST

That really sucks.  Don’t one of you guys have a job or parents?

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posted on January 11th 2004 at 12:34PM CST

omg, im so sorry for Sarah.

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posted on January 12th 2004 at 8:54PM CST

i want to donate but cant do paypal, can i send a little money somewhere? email me