Happy Birthday to Daniel ! i hope you have a wonderful birthday ! you’re so, cute and you’re getting so, big! your mommy and daddy are so, happy to have you in their lives ! and they love you so, much! i hope you have a great day !

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posted on January 9th 2004 at 3:11PM CDT

errm…happy birthday Daniel….

posted on January 9th 2004 at 3:55PM CDT

Aww Happy Birthday Daniel…hehe.

Nice lay!! ^^ And I like your site. :)

posted on January 9th 2004 at 4:14PM CDT

Happy 2nd birthday Daniel!!

Angel Whispers
posted on January 9th 2004 at 7:11PM CDT

Happy 2nd Birthday Chubbles!!  :o)

posted on January 10th 2004 at 3:13PM CDT

Happy birthday, Chubs! I hope you had a wonderful day. (Great day for a birthday, it’s the same as Dave’s… :D)

posted on January 11th 2004 at 7:33PM CDT

Happy birthday Daniel, a bit belated but the wishes are true non-the-less.

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