I am having one hell of a shitty week. Found out who my real support system was. Realized I put way too much energy into life draining situations. It’s taking a toll on me.



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posted on December 7th 2007 at 11:23PM CDT

I hope things get better for you.

posted on December 8th 2007 at 4:09AM CDT

I really hope things begin to look up for you, you definitely look as if you need a break.

posted on December 10th 2007 at 1:43AM CDT


posted on December 13th 2007 at 4:08AM CDT

I hope things get better for you, your lips look so sore. :(

posted on December 14th 2007 at 6:47PM CDT

I feel you.

please feel better soon, I miss your updates and I hate seeing anyone like that.

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